Bush road tyres services puncture repair

At Bush Road Tyres we understand having a puncture can be frustrating and time consuming. We will repair your vehicle’s puncture while you wait in our comfortable waiting area, or you can leave your vehicle with us and pick it up later once the puncture is repaired. All tyre punctures are repaired in accordance with New Zealand motor industry standard, and we will even fit and balance your wheel as part of the price of the repair. To avoid getting punctures make sure you keep an eye on your tyre’s treads and look out for embedded glass, stones and other sharp objects. Also, ensure that your tyres and your spare correctly inflated.

Driving on a flat or partially flat tyre is not only unsafe but increases the likelihood of you having to replace the tyre with a new one. If you’re based in Auckland and your tyre looks a bit flat, replace it with a spare and bring it to Bush Road Tyres in Albany on the North Shore for repair.


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