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Wheel balancing should be part of the general upkeep of your vehicle. As a tyre wears over time it becomes uneven, this change in weight causes the tyre to become unbalanced. Your vehicle’s wheels will need to be balanced when it shudders as you drive faster, the steering wheel vibrates as you drive, you hit a pothole or curb, or when you have new or second hand tyres fitted to your vehicle. The expert wheel balancing team at Bush Road tyres provide a top-quality service with exceptional customer care to clients across Auckland.

Tyres should be balanced as part of the fitting process. A new tyre might seem perfectly balanced, but there are small differences in weight that must be taken into account. Unbalanced tyres will affect your vehicle’s performance and end up costing you more due to damage to your vehicle’s steering components and suspension, increased fuel consumption, less grip on the road, and uneven and faster tyre wear.

Even a small imbalance can have a big effect on your vehicle’s performance. We recommend you have your wheels checked and balanced every 10 000 kilometres, give us a call today to make an appointment. All of our prices for new tyres and puncture repair include wheel balancing.

What is the difference between a Wheel Alignment and a Wheel Balance?

The difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing:
A wheel alignment is when you car’s wheel are adjusted to the correct angle, making them parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road. A wheel alignment will help your car move in a straight line.

A wheel balance is when your wheel is examined for spots and then balanced with a weight on the opposite side of the spot. Balancing your wheels means your car’s tyres will turn without any preventable vibrations.

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